How We Got Started

Rafter P Custom Knives was not something planned or even thought of a few years ago. It's funny how these awesome adventures happen. I've shod horses for almost 10 years and have always been in my forge building and modifying horseshoes. So, knowing quite a bit about metal gave me a little advantage when it came to building knives. I always made a few knives here and there for customers, friends, and family. Just playing around with that I got where I was fairly efficient at making knives. One day I got in the shop and I decided I wanted to try and make a few to sale. I sold those faster than I was expecting and its been wide open ever since. I want to thank each and every customer that has purchased a Rafter P Custom Knife. I literally put my blood, sweat, and tears into every one of my builds. Thank you for shopping with us and I appreciate all the support from every single one of you. Thank you again and God Bless.

Quality Knives Made To Last a Lifetime

At Rafter P Custom Knives all knives are hand made and built to the highest quality.